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We were so thrilled, amazed and impressed with Antoinette. She exceeded all expectations and really made us feel so comfortable. We could not have gotten a more perfect Celebrant as  Antoinette. We love you and are so happy you were a part of our Wedding and even more happy to call you a dear friend.  E & N


THis workshop was an amazing experience and I will do it again as I now know I am a work in progress and I am worth working on. T


Antoinette is a wonderful facilitator. She is so very generous, understanding and full of wisdom. Her way of teaching is so unique, very powerful, grounding and full of fun. What a wonderful way to bring about change in your life. I had a great time and I am most grateful to you Antoinette for things that I would not have thought possible. M


Omg such an amazing weekend. Set yourself free and do this course. What a great gift to yourself.  A


Antoinette is a superb skilled Coach and Facilitator with a warm personality. She is highly skilled and accomplished. M


I attended Antoinette's Two Day "Love Yourself-Heal your Life" Workshop on a One to One basis and I feel I have hughely benifited. I rate the workshop experience ten out of ten. Love you Antoinette. Thank you so much. C


"I am thrilled to have made Antoinette's acquaintance. My friend and I did a workshop with her in April and haven't looked back since.

Antoinette added a extra sparkle to our day and encouraged us to pursue our dreams. "If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of rich thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give"." F


I found the Mindfulness-Waves of Meditation course very interesting and enjoyable. Antoinette is full of enthusiasm and completely believes in what she is teaching. Thank You. P.


Antoinette I liked instantly, felt I could speak to her about anything. She is always so positive, has amazing energy and has so much knowledge to share. You are a great inspiration for every day positive living..Loved the Mindfulness-Waves of Meditation class.   Thank you Antoinette. B


I had the most amazing weekend attending Antoinette's workshop in Wexford. Before I met her I did not know where I was going. I was lost. Working with Antoinette has now given me a firm foundation to grow from, a path to follow. This is a must do course for all ages. She is a fantastic true person and I also felt I have known her all my life.

Thank You for opening my eyes, I am forever grateful. R


Henry Adams said " A teacher affects eternity, they can never tell where their influence  stops". Antoinette as an amazing facilitator/teacher of "Heal Your Life"  gives you the tools to become a magnificient architect of your destiny, through her gentle reflections and intuitive guidence she enables you to create an empowering and harmonious eternity.  J.


Antoinette, you are just amazing. Thank you for the best weekend of my life so far! Every second was a truly wonderful experience, full of healing and love. Thank you so much. S


Creating a Vision Board at your class has helped me focus on all the positives in my life and where I want my life to go in the future. A great experience. Thank You. M.


“Antoinette is very positive and warm. I left every class feeling great, with a renewed energy and awareness to achieve my goals in life”.

“Your special blend of joy, patience, understanding and compassion totally sets you apart from the crowd. Thank You. Thank You” A


"Antoinette embodies all that she teaches-with kindness, patience, compassion & love as she guides us through the Heal you Life Workshop, allowing us spaceto learn and understand in our own way. This is a most positive and powerful workshop. Thank YOU.". R

“A big thank you for fabulous positive sessions” J

“Thank You Antoinette for a fabulous workshop. You have really inspired me to look deeper and begin to accept myself as the magnificent person I am. You are amazing. I look forward to future workshops with you.” AM


The most worthwhile investment any individual can make. To invest in your self is a sure thing, positive experience, rich in rewards, highly reccomend. Felt very safe. Thank You . MH

Antoinette facilitated with love, in a safe environment with non-judgmental like minded people who inspired me. I feel so revitalized. A

“What a wonderful experience, Thank You” E


Thank you for a really inspiring Laughter Yoga workshop. You have great delivery and very inspirational. J

This course has brought so much to my life, huge joy and a big change to how I think. Antoinette Thank You. I found your warmth and positivity an inspiration. It was a fantastic experience, an honour to take part. AM

“I am grateful to you for showing me all the wonderful things in my life, You made it so safe to release some very deep emotions to appreciate it even more, Thank You for a wonderful workshop.” L

“Antoinette is an amazing workshop leader. She has a kind and compassionate nature and a wonderful ability to lead a group to fantastic new places. You are Amazing,
Thank you.” C


I feel alive, like a new person, full of beautiful energy and so happy. Thank you so much Antoinette, I feel so good and I am so grateful for it. S

“Antoinette, Your workshop was so uplifting and a joy to attend, With Gratitude”. T

“You are a wonderful inspiration; you have left your mark on me, thanks a million”. A

Antoinette, you are so giving, so loving, very clear in your word and very practical. There is great energy about you and it was a pleasure to be coached by you. You just flow and everything seems to be easier. I highly recommend you. Thank You and Good Luck. Z.

I would highly recommend Antoinette as a coach for her approachable and warm personality, encouraging, reassuring, and insightful and I felt safe and supported, and is clearly dedicated to her work. Thank You. L

Antoinette combines the strength of character needed to lead a successful workshop with the gentleness and empathy required to make sure everyone enjoyed the experience.
She brings a wealth of experience to the workshop, and when combined with her genuine love of people and her generosity, it made the two days such a powerful, enlightening and enriching experience.
A gentle sense of humour, a dazzling smile, and the best scarves I have ever seen, all makes her the perfect workshop leader. I have no hesitation in recommending Antoinette’s courses to everyone. F

Antoinette Thank You for a wonderful two days. I found the course wonderful. Your warmth and Heart Centred approach was easy and relaxing and really helped me see all the possibilities in life. I’d recommend this course to everyone. M


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