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Antoinette Coleman-Kelly


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" Our Deepest Fear is not that we are inadquate. 

  Our Deepest Fear is that we are Powerful beyond Measure".  

Marianne Williamson.




Personal Life Coaching

Takes the approach that the solution is within you.

The role of the Coach is to facilitate the client in:

* gaining clarity

* learning

* setting goals

* taking action

* improving effectiveness

* achieving results

Individual Coaching, Private and Confidential LIFE COACHING.

 *If You keep doing what you have always done,

   you will always get what you have always got*




"Love Yourself-Heal your Life".

  A  two Day Motivational and Inspiring  Workshop

based on the philosophies of World renowned Author Louise L Hay.


I also offer this amazing Workshop on a One-to One basis. 




“Heal Your Life”® Coaching 

 is wonderful and with some important differences.


One fundamental thought is that

 "Loving yourself" is part of the solution,

  regardless of the part of your life you want to change".





Heart Centred Corporate Training-


" Managing with Mind and Heart "

  Workshops with the Business World.


Person Centred Counselling

helps increase a deeper understanding on personal, painful and difficult issues in an Individual

* One To One

* Professional

* Non-Judgmental

* Private Confidential setting.


As a Person Centered Holistic Counsellor I work with Personal Issues, Addictions, Stress,


Depression, Abuse, Panic Attacks, Eating Disorders and more.


As Counselling is re-active, Life Coaching is pro-active and results focused.




Emotional Freedom Technique- 

Tapping Practitioner and Coach



E F T also known as TAPPING

is gentle and holistic and can help in relieving stress,

reducing physical and emotional pain and removing limiting beliefs.

E F T can often work where nothing else will:

      Usually rapid, gentle and long lasting

      No medicine or equiptment involved

      Everyone can learn how to do it

      Can be self applied.



Cancer Support through


Meditation and Mindfulness.





MINDFULNESS - Waves of Meditation.

Mindfulness Is a an attitude as well as a practice.

Think of Mindfulness as a returning.

Mindfulness is about returning your attention again and again to whatever is going on for you right now. 

Mindfulness does not change your reality directly,

and it can change your relationship with it, thus everything changes.






The WISH is a transformative energy game/journey helping people manifest their greatest wishes.


The WISH can help you identify and clear blocks standing in the way of your WISH and shifting you into positivity.

Can be played as a group or as a One to One.




WEDDING Celebrant and

Registered Solemniser-

Your Voice... Your Choice... Your Wedding Ceremony ... Your Way.


Bespoke Wedding Ceremony

Committment Ceremony


Renewal of Vows Ceremony.

Child Naming Ceremony

Coming of Age


Although based in Co Kildare, Ireland, I love to travel - Nationally and Internatinally for 


your Special Wedding Ceremony.

Each beautiful meaningful Ceremony is personally written for you, exactly how you prefer.


For further information call Antoinette  00 353 87 2482745

and let's chat all things Ceremony.










About Me


Antoinette Coleman-Kelly
Athy, Co Kildare


Mobile: 087 248 2745
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